May 18

Ni Hao (Hello ) From China!

As our endeavor continues we are broadening our horizons by learning all about China's agriculture as well as learning parts of a new language. Today our day started by listing to Paul Burke, Regional US Soybean Export Council Director for the area. China plays an important role in the exports of U.S soybeans. Fun Facts: China imports 63% of the world’s soybeans, China buys 30% of all U.S soybeans (is your mind blown yet?!).

While at DuPont Pioneer headquarters of China, Adrian Gomez who is the Marketing and Sales Director there discussed the footprint Pioneer has in China. They have built relationships with local farm communities to build a brand in China. They have 11 research stations, 1 global tech center and 3 production centers. This is DuPont Pioneer's 20th anniversary being in China to continue to build brand recognition they are implementing a new program called Village Technical Service Station (VTS). This program allows farmers to learn, disuss and utilize Pioneer products as well as Pioneer Salesmen to fully maximize production. Fun Fact: China averages 143 Bu/Acre, also China's silage market is expected to double in the next 5 years (due to increase in milk/dairy products- dairy cattle need the food)

Our next stop was at a fruit and vegetable farm worth $10 mil on 50 acres.  Our lunch consisted of duck, purple potatoes, green peppers, tomatoes and fried milk- most the food had been produced on the farm. One neat feature they showed us was they grafted cucumbers onto pumpkin vines to have a vine that could withstand the large cucumbers they were producing. Fun Fact: They had an ostrich flock (2), peacocks, rabbits, deer and they even showcased the one and only state bird of South Dakota (pheasant).

After the farm we headed to the Tea House to taste test 5 different kinds of tea. The herbs that they use for tea are thought to heal the body in various ways and cure the incurable diabetes (cough cough Andrew Berg). Fun Facts- Mom bought you tea (Love, Anna).

We ended our night by spending thousands of dollars on GREAT steals at the silk market (we did not spend thousands, only hundreds). You could purchase anything from fake designer sunglasses to tailored suits. We used our negotiation skills by talking down to 20% of the original price. Our favorite buys were gun scopes, silk robes, purses, jade and clothing.

More fun facts:  We are becoming fluent in Mandarin. We can count to 20, we can say handsome Shawe (spelling may be off), Bad dog is Hui yazi, Cheers is gumbae, and ugly is bushawe.

Till next time as the adventure continues.....

Love the bloggers, Anna & Hayden
Greenhouse visit
Tea house
Emily, Breanna, Andrea at greenhouse
Group photo at Dupont Pioneer
Greenhouse visit
US Soybean


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